From its inception, Vibez Estate earlier called as Telecon Services has been committed to building long-lasting relationships with each of its clients. Vibez Estate was founded in 2005 by Ashwin Kumar.K with the goal of creating a top class solution for the Telesales and Customer support to serve clients with higher productivity and quality in towards their processes. With its head office in Bangalore, Vibez Estate was well situated to achieve that goal.

The 2006’s was a period of heavy growth and change in the service industry, especially Telecom sector and Financial institutions. Vibez Estate started with HDFC Bank promoting their financial products with a talented team size of 08. Service industry was consolidating and our clients were in the process of cost cutting/reducing the commissions; and in the wake of the emergence of technology implementations, many in the service industry struggled to realign and re-invent themselves. With the executive team’s vision and leadership, Vibez Estate flourished in this new environment, offering its clients negotiated technology implementation choices, highly qualified and experienced staff, and exceptional service.

As Vibez Estate grew, maintaining and even improving the consistency and quality of service that our clients had grown to expect from us became a primary goal. To accomplish this, we installed Auto diallers with a high end CRM, one of the very few in early 2006’s working with fully automated Customer care solutions. We established consistent and proven methods, along with a system of checks and balances within each department; all designed to ensure stable and predictable growth while maintaining and improving quality. These enhancements have been a stimulus for even further growth, and a much emulated model within the service industry.

As our success grew, so did the need to expand our presence in different parts of Bangalore. Vibez Estate got associated with Deutsche Bank in 2007 and Standard Charted Bank in 2009. With a strong team of 180 and a view towards our clients’ need for local expertise, and the need to operate effectively in both national and international markets, Vibez Estate took over a service management company—a company that shared our core values of quality, innovation, commitment, and integrity. That services management company was Promethods and in 2009 Vibez Estate with the expertise of Promethods got in to its own venture of getting up loyalty programs, real estate and Timesharing.

Our success in the Service Industry with a turn over of 6.3cr (2010-2011) is a direct result of our unwavering commitment to building successful long-lasting relationships with 47,000+customers (in our loyalty program) and each and every one of our clients ( HDFC Bank, Standard Chartered, Deutsche Bank, Barclay’s, Airtel, Idea....). That success is demonstrated by the caliber of those clients—clients who depend on us to create and deliver programs that allow them to remain focused on their margins while Vibez Estate focuses on their service. Today Vibez Estate has entered to different sectors such as Vibezestates, Vibez savings club, Vibezvacations, Vibezcommunications and Vibez Journey.