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image Yes, Coffee is been considered as plantation land where even a non-farmer can own the property under section 104 Land reforms act.

Maintenance will be undertaken by professionally trained people of Vibez club.

Since current coffee crops are in yielding condition the returns will start from 2015.

On a conservative estimate, the costs will be around 30 thousand (on actuals). The costs will be intimated to you on a regular basis.

We have Arabica and Robusta coffee plantation which is already yielding and can provide you the revenue of up to Rs 75 thousand annum. This will gradually go up and we can expect around more than 1 lacs in around 3 years.

We do not have a process of sending the maintenance draft through email but, you can always have a copy of it by visiting our office before booking the plot.

The land would be ready for registration after 15 days from the date of booking.

Vibez coffee estate consists of Arabica and Robusta Plantation-around 800plants, Silver oak trees, pepper, oranges and jungle wood trees.

Vibez Estate is 13Km from the national highway, It will take 15 to 20 Minutes to reach the estate from the national highway

Yes, being a registered agreement holder of the property you can sell your plot at any time in future. Vibez club would surely help you in this regard.