To accurately measure a company’s environmental footprint, it’s important to look at the impact that company’s products have on the planet. Sustaining this world demands that we treat our planet earth – its resources and its inhabitants – with the environmental respect required for them to endure for generations to come. For Vibez Estate and our clients, it means reducing the cost of doing business by making energy management, sustainable development and a healthy work environment a critical part of our business plans.

Our Initiative

Vibez Estate is committed to a sustainable future and to improving the social, environmental and economic well being of the communities we serve. In particular, we support more environmentally friendlier agricultural practices and take care to protect resources and biodiversity. Through our Vibez Vacations we take people close to nature and help them understand the value of preventing damage towards it

We also make our customers understand the values of our go green initiatives in our Vibez estates. We are closely involved with local communities and their social and economic development, and are improving the way stores blend into their surroundings. We are also working to improve the accessibility of our stores by enhancing access and parking areas.