Business Opportunity


Business Opportunity

Vibez Estate . is a group of Companies. We provide a variety of programs to enable partners to select the relationship level that best fits their business model.

Vibez Estate has witnessed an annual growth rate of 46% over the last 3 years. Our channel partners have contributed significantly to this. We are happy to state that 72% of our franchisees have been with us for over 3 years and their business and prosperity has grown with the brand.

Our goal is to build the strongest and most effective sales team in the industry and the best way to do that is to hire sales professionals with a proven success record. We are extremely pleased to welcome all the sales professionals to the Vibez Estate team. Today, we have 06 branches with over 11 authorised franchisees across the country!

We are committed to maintain the highest standards of business performance and invite you to join us as partners in this journey.iab

To be considered as an authorised franchisee of Vibez Estate , you should have

  • A well located office with at least 350 sq.ft. space and basic infrastructure.
  • A flair for managing a Direct Sales and Telecalling team.
  • Experience in handling high net worth individuals, lifestyle and travel/holiday products

People in the business of Telecalling/Directsales dealing with Real Estate, Telecom, Insurance, Personal Loans and Credit Cards can also apply. The Benefits..

  • Lower Unforeseen Costs
  • Marketing and sales support to the fullest.
  • Highest return on Investment.
  • The Franchisee receives the benefit on a national scale of Vibez Estate advertising and promotional activities at a lower cost than if they were to attempt such marketing themselves