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Value and Purpose

Good corporate governance begins with a company’s own internal practices and policies. While corporate governance issues are common across organizations, each company requires governance principles that are unique in their approach.

The principles that will guide our actions and the manner of conducting our businesses will be articulated in the sections that follow. These flow from our commitment to be a moving force in the nation’s progress without in any way compromising our core values and our unswerving attachment to business ethics. These principles focus on issues that are considered to be significantly important to the governance process as we, in VIBEZ ESTATES , see it.

The Board of Directors of VIBEZ ESTATES shall set up a Corporate Governance Cell reporting to the Chairman of the Board that will oversee the implementation of these Policies and its compliance. It is also the responsibility of the Cell to review the efficacy of these Policies and suggest amendments to make them responsive to the changing times.

Business Partners And Joint Ventures

A proper choice of business partners is vital for the success of the Company. Association shall be encouraged, in India or abroad, with such entities as are able to add value to the Company’s products or services, or help fulfill the strategic growth plans of the Company

Business Processes

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Strong Business Processes lead to a more effective system of governance. The Management shall, within its overall corporate plan, define and document a strategy that would eventually lead to superior performance, quality products, and world class management practices and enhanced value to its shareholders.

Business Ethics

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The Company is committed to seeking long term success with no compromise on ethical business standards. The highest standards of integrity, impartiality, equity and objectivity shall be observed in every activity that encompasses the business, so as to uphold and enhance the reputation of the `Mahindra' trade name...